Frequently Asked Questions

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Where will i get paid?

All your payments are sent directly to your FaucetHub account for now, you can get a free faucethub account here.

What should I choose, web mining or console mining?

The better option is Console Mining / Command Line Mining. Console Mining speeds much faster as compared to web mining. Also you can use your GPU with console mining, which cannot be done with Web Mining. Web Mining is simple and non-complicated. You can use Web Mining incase you are having trouble setting up console mining, or you are here to level up on FaucetHub with Auto Faucet.

How to start console mining?

You can check out the whole console mining guide here

How can i withdraw from console mining?

You can withdraw normally from console mining from dashboard here

How can i mine other currencies in console? I only see BTC Address

There is no difference in mining any currencies in Console mining, your file pools.txt remains unchanged. That is, only your bitcoin address is required. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS otherwise you wont be paid.

Is it safe to use?

Mining here is totally safe, however your antivirus may block it as a virus, but you need to allow it in order to mine.

My miner is not starting, what to do?

There can be one possible reason that your miner is not starting, your antivirus may be blocking it. You need to allow it. If you have any troubles allowing miner, you can google your antivirus's name and see how you can allow site/apps.

Do i need to change anything in pools.txt to mine other currencies?

As said in the previous question, NO, you dont need to change anything in pools.txt file. Just use the same pre configured downloaded file from console mining page.

How can i withdraw hashes in other currency?

To withdraw your hashes in any other currency, just click on the currency you want to change in the mining dashboard.

Is there a minimum for console mining?

No, there is no miniumum for console mining, for other currency like doge or ltc, you need to mine minimum 1 satoshi equivalent of hashes. For example, if 1 bitcoin satoshi means 10,000 hashes, then you have to mine minimum 10,000 hashes to withdraw in any currency.

How can i install this miner in my website?

Check out the Publisher Mining Page

I am getting too much 'Failed, you have not mined enough hashes...' error on Web miner, what to do?

There is nothing you can do about this error. You do not need to worry much about this error, when you web mine, the hashes you see there is just approximate number of hashes mined, but when the payout is requested, then to prevent fraud, the site checks directly from pool if that number of hashes are mined or not. So sometimes it says a bit less hashes are mined, also sometimes it takes maximum 2 minutes for pool to update hashes mined, depending upon the traffic. So this error is totally normal, also this site is not focused to be used as Auto Faucet, this was just simple feature.

I have a site with high traffic, still why i get less hashrate from publisher mining?

Many people these days use different extenstions to block background miners. This is the post possible reason you are getting less hashrates from publisher mining.

I have mined so many hashes, why i cant see my position in ranks?

You need to withdraw your hashes to any currency, and then after next update of ranks (rank is updated every 15 minutes) you will see your position.

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