Console Mining

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ABOUT : Console mining is much faster way to mine rather using web miner.

First, decide what you will use for mining (graphics card or processor). A dedicated GPU can mine anywhere from 150-1,000 hashes per second, depending on your cards. A processor can mine anywhere from 10-300 hashes a second depending its performance and clock rate. GPU mining is a lot more profitable. Find your estimated hashrate(s) for your parts here.

If you do not want to download anything, you can use the web miner here. However, you will not get the best hashrate for your processor this way. A dedicated miner will yield the best results.

Please make sure, following steps are for 64 bit computers, guides for other specs are :

    - Mining on 32 Bit Computers
    - Mining on Mac Os

Follow these steps carefully, you'll be ready to go!

  1. Download the miner and its configuration file from 'Downloads' section below

  2. Extract the contents of miner zip file

  3. Put the pools.txt file in exact same location where the miner is extracted (or in other words, where the exe file of miner is).

  4. Please make sure name of file you downloaded is pools.txt

  5. Run the miner exe file. It will automatically detect any GPU and start mining with GPU + CPU too.

  6. Enjoy! If you have any queries, type in chat or contact our support


Download the miner for your desired choice here.

This will auto matically detect your hardware (GPU or CPU) and start mining. You can disable GPU if you want!

file_downloadDownload Miner      settings_ethernetDownload Config

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have problems, check the following answered queries if it helps, otherwise use chat or support.

How to disable GPU mining?
To disable GPU mining, open file named nvidia.txt and replace all contents inside it with following lines:
"gpu_threads_conf" :null,

How to enable back GPU mining?
To do this, simple delete the file nvidia.txt and start miner again!

Do i need to configure anything?
The pools file is pre configured, you do not need to configure anything except for following the steps mentioned above.

What to do if i need to mine any other currency?
You do not need to change anything for mining other currency, you can withdraw your hashes from dashboard in any currency you wish.

Can i use it on multiple devices?
Yes you can.

How to fix DLL errors?
If you are getting any DLL error, then simply search that missing DLL file name on google, and open any link, you can download DLLs for free. After downloading, copy that DLL in same folder where miner.exe file is.

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